The WSPE Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students who transfer from Washington Community Colleges to ABET-accredited engineering programs at Washington Universities and manages the funding for the state MathCounts program.

Students enrolled in Washington Community Colleges who transfer to ABET-accredited baccalaureate engineering programs offered by universities and colleges in Washington State may apply for a $3,000 scholarship offered by the WSPE Educational Foundation. Begin by accessing the application below:


The Washington Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE) was chartered in 1937 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). The Washington Society of Professional Engineers Educational Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit educational foundation in 1982 to further the goals of the Society in support of engineering education.

The purposes of the Foundation are to support engineering education by:

  • Providing scholarships to deserving Washington State students who are enrolled in engineering programs at accredited colleges and universities in the State of Washington.
  • Providing financial support to engineer-related educational activities such as MATHCOUNTS.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of 12 trustees, all members of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers, elected to operate the Foundation as an independent tax-exempt corporation of the State of Washington. The trustees are elected by the serving members of the Board for three-year terms.

The officers of the Foundation consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, all elected by the Board for a one-year term. Operation of the Foundation is governed by its Bylaws, which are included in the Foundation Handbook.

Officers for 2024-2024

John Schaufelberger
Foundation Board President

Doug Hendrickson
Foundation Board Vice-President

Steve Short
Foundation Treasurer

Ken McGowan
Foundation Secretary

Jeff Dagle
Doug Hendrickson
Roger Hutchison
Ken McGowan
Barbara Philipp
John Schaufelberger
Steve Short
Sharon Zimmerman

Financial Management

The Foundation receives contributions to support award of Foundation scholarships and to support the Washington State MATHCOUNTS program. Disbursement of WSPE Chapter funds is at the discretion of the individual WSPE Chapter President. Disbursement of State MATHCOUNTS funds is at the discretion of the WSPE State MATHCOUNTS Coordinator. Disbursement of Foundation scholarship funds is determined by the Board of Trustees.

How to Donate

Contributions to the Foundation may be made by sending cash, a check made payable to WSPE Educational Foundation, or securities (stocks and bonds) to the Treasurer at the following address: 

Steven Short, PE
2311 Ferndale Ave.
Richland, WA 99354

Please indicate how the contribution is to be used. Options are:

  • The Foundation scholarship endowment fund, which is an invested fund, the income from which is used to fund scholarships.
  • The Foundation discretionary scholarship fund, which is used to fund current year scholarships.
  • The MATHCOUNTS fund and, as applicable, identifying the specific WSPE Chapter to which the funds are to be designated for use or designating its use for the State MATHCOUNTS program.

Alternatively, donors may designate the Foundation scholarship endowment fund by checking “Educational Foundation” on the annual NSPE dues statement. To designate a donation to the discretionary scholarship fund, the donor needs to check the “Scholarship” box on the dues statement. These choices for voluntary contributions are found at the bottom of the annual NSPE dues form.

Recognition of Contributors to the Education Foundation Endowment and Scholarship Funds

To recognize those who have provided substantial financial support to the WSPE Education Foundation endowment and scholarship funds, an Educational Foundation Honor Roll {provide hyperlink to the Honor Roll page; delete this text} has been established.  Recognition levels are:

  • Fellow – contributed $5,000 or more to the Foundation
  • Principal – contributed $2,000 to $4,999 to the Foundation
  • Sustaining – contributed $1,000 to $1,999 to the Foundation
  • Supporting – contributed $500 to $999 to the Foundation
  • Honorary – contributed $250 to $499 to the Foundation

Scholarship Recipients

The Educational Foundation has awarded over 80 scholarships, totaling over $100,00, since its inception. Scholarship Recipients are located throughout the State of Washington

Honor Roll

The officers and trustees of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers Educational Foundation express their sincere appreciation to all who have donated of their funds and time to the accomplish the mission of the Foundation. The following individuals and organizations are recognized for their financial support of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers Educational Foundation endowment and scholarship fund:

Fellow (contributed $5,000 or more to the Foundation)

  • William C. (P.E.) and Gracie E. Breneman
  • Franklin Duane Duff, P.E.
  • James G. Fuller, P.E.
  • Steven M. O’Toole, P.E.
  • Charles A. Pearson, P.E.
  • Ryan C. Peterson, P.E.
  • Dr. John E. Schaufelberger, P.E.
  • Inga Waltz Estate (Dan R. Waltz, P.E.)
  • Harold E. Williamson, P.E.
  • Roger C. Young, P.E.
  • WSPE Mt. Rainier Chapter

Principal (contributed $2,000 to $4,999 to the Foundation)

  • ALCOA Foundation
  • Engineers’ Club of Seattle
  • Charles P. Farnham, P.E.
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Beth F. Hodgson, P.E. (Spring Environmental Inc.)
  • Dr. Robert B. MacDuff, P.E.
  • Ted J. Taylor, P.E.
  • The Boeing Company
  • WSPE
  • WSPE Auxiliary
  • WSPE Seattle Chapter

Sustaining (contributed $1,000 to $1,999 to the Foundation)

  • J. D. Armstrong, P.E. (Soft Lighting Systems)
  • Scot A. Bartkoske, P.E.
  • Joseph P. Blaschka, Jr., P.E. (ADCOMM Engineering Co.)
  • Stephen D. Brown, Jr., P.E.
  • Leonard I. Byrne, P.E.
  • John E. Carlson, P.E.
  • HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • George E. Hoke, P.E.
  • David A. Malsch, P.E., Memorial (Stanley and Sarah Granberg)
  • Jon P. Mathison, P.E. (Advanced Industrial Automation Corp.)
  • Noel Miller
  • Aaron Tag, P.E.
  • Theodore O. Wright, P.E.
  • WSPE Tri-Cities Chapter

Supporting (contributed $500 to $999 to the Foundation)

  • Art Anderson Associates
  • Joseph P. Blaschka, Jr., P.E. (DBA CEKA Engineering Co.)
  • John Brothers
  • H. Floyd Hillman, P.E.
  • John Fluke Manufacturing
  • Jon O. Jacobson, P.E.
  • Glenn K. Landguth, P.E.
  • John W. Lee, Jr., P.E.
  • John Lee Jr. Family Trust
  • Pacific Engineering Design, LLC
  • John D. Power, P.E. (Longview Engineering and Design)
  • Edward A. Sage, P.E.
  • Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
  • Steven M. Short, P.E.
  • Charles E. (P.E.) and Barbara L. Vail
  • Dr. Richard D. Widdle, Jr, P.E.
  • James D. Wiley, P.E.
  • WSPE Palouse Empire Chapter
  • WSPE Wenatchee Chapter
  • William S. Dunbar, P.E.
  • Sharon Zimmerman, P.E.

Honorary (contributed $250 to $499 to the Foundation)

  • John T. Albers
  • Barbara L. Bickford, P.E.
  • Lyell R. Bingham, P.E.
  • John L. Burdick, P.E.
  • COGEMA Engineering
  • Henry E. Halladay, P.E.
  • John Lansberry Memorial
  • Roderick R. Kirkwood, P.E.
  • Russ Murray, P.E.
  • Martinus H. Nickerson, P.E.
  • Numatec
  • Stephan K. Parent, P.E.
  • Howard C. Pettibone, P.E.
  • Charles E. Shallbetter, P.E.
  • Bruce B. Turner, P.E.
  • Arthur Siegal, P.E.
  • Ralph M. Weaver, P.E.
  • Victor Alan Werner, P.E.
  • Ken McGowan, P.E.
  • James G. Kapla, P.E.