Ergochair 2 vs Myochair: Which is the Better Autonomous Ergonomic Office Chair?


Autonomous offers a more affordable entry-level chair, the Myo chair. Let’s see if it can be of value to you. And let’s see how it fares if we are going to compare it with the brand’s more popular office chair, the Ergochair 2.

Ergochair 2 of Autonomous

Ergochair 2 vs Myochair Showdown – The similarities

The Ergochair 2 and the Myo chair can pass off as identical twins. They look almost the same. And at first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference. 


Both chairs are equipped with the same materials for the back and headrest. The backrest has a mesh material. It’s breathable enough. Also, both Myo and Ergochair offer firm support for your back. 

Both chairs have adjustable lumbar support, you can easily move it up and down. And the mesh material kind of moves with you. That’s one of the advantages of a mesh back, it can contour well to your body. So in a nutshell, the back and lumbar support of both chairs are decently good.

Headrest and footrest

The breathable neck rest is one of the features that could set these two Autonomous chairs apart from other medium-range office chairs in the market. It gives you the liberty to rest your head and neck. Not a lot of office chairs have this feature. And both chairs don’t have much difference when it comes to the headrest. However, what sets the Myo chair apart is that you have an option to add on a footrest. 

The footrest can be a great addition for a small price to add on. The Myo chair can’t go to a full recline, but the footrest allows you to sink your hips a bit lower. So you can comfortably recline while your head is stretched on the neck rest and your legs stretched out. 

But, I still have some gripes despite the comfort and convenience that the footrest can offer. The stability of the Myo’s footrest is not the best. I can feel a little bit of looseness. You can feel the footrest shake every time you move. It can even slide to the side. Though this does not impact the overall function of the chair, you can still recline comfortably. But it makes it feel cheaper and flimsy.

Customer service and shipping

Since both chairs come from the same brand, expect the same response. You will not have any problems with the shipping. The brand ships out fast and the packaging is decent enough. But you’ll be annoyed and frustrated with the after-sales. Their customer service seems to be lacking a lot of training. 

Especially if you want to get a refund, it can take weeks or even months. They also don’t answer queries within a reasonable amount of time. You have to do several follow-ups on all of their social media pages. IN sort, you have to make noise so that they will notice and respond to you.

I think I haven’t encountered any good reviews on their customer service. Maybe it’s high time for the brand to pay close attention to their after-sales. Well, It’s not just the after-sales, but the entire customer service experience isn’t pleasant.

ergochair 2 vs myochair review office chair

Ergochair 2 vs Myochair – Compare the Differences

Firm cushioned seat

Both chairs have a cushion. The difference is that Ergochair 2 is covered with a mesh material. So it feels cooler and more breathable. While the Myo chair has a polyester foam. The cushion is a bit thicker than that of the Ergochair. But it can get really hot and sticky. 

The seat of both the Myo and the Ergochair are leaning towards too firm support. The Ergochair has thinner padding but it’s more ventilated. But to be honest, I did not find the seat material of these 2 Autonomous chairs comfortable at all. 

I am missing that cradling feeling on the buttocks where the chair hugs your butt well. The shape of both seats is also straight with a bit of a curve. But it is not enough to make the seats comfortable. It could have benefited from a more hollowed center. 

Another thing, the seat of the Myo is a bit deeper. I can comfortably cross my legs while seated. And my legs didn’t feel like they were going to fall out of the chair. I am of average height and it fits me perfectly. However, the lack of a seat depth adjustment might not make the chair as wide for taller and bigger users. 

Construction, build, and a weight capacity

The Myo chair has a lower weight capacity of 250 lbs. The Ergochair on the other hand has a carrying capacity of 350 lbs. 

Both chairs are made of all plastic material. And even the caster wheels are all plastic. The lack of metal reinforcement makes me question the durability of both chairs. Thus, these are best for light-duty use. Even if the Ergochair has a higher weight capacity, I’ll still recommend it for light-duty use.

Adjustable features

The Ergochair offers more adjustable features than the Myo. That’s why despite its squeakiness and questionable build, you can’t still argue with the fact that it has a lot of adjustable features. You can’t actually complain about the price tag that it has.

The Myo chair, on the other hand, offers few adjustable features. And it has limited options for adjustments too. For instance, The seat height can only be adjusted from 18 to 21 inches. So that’s just 3 also has an adjustable lumbar, but it only goes up and down and it’s not lockable. So if I veer away from the chair, it will slide down. So I have to readjust it again. 

The armrest of the Myo chair can only be adjusted up and down, and you only have options of three inches. The same goes for the adjustable headrest. 

On the other hand, the armrest of the Ergochair can be adjusted in 4 ways. So you have an option to slide the armrests in or out too. But unfortunately, only the up and down adjustment can be locked.  

I do have other gripes on the armrests of both chairs. It doesn’t have any padding of some sort. So if you have been sitting on it for hours it can start to feel uncomfortable and painful on your arms and elbow. Perhaps, a bit of cushion would help with friction and pressure. 

Autonomous Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Summary

  1. The combination of the headrest, footrest, and recline function of the Myo chair Iis rather comfortable. It allows you to sit back and relax with your legs stretched out. Though take note that it has a lower weight capacity. So you would only feel comfortable in this position if you have an average height and weight.
  2. Both the Myo and the Ergochair have a comfortable mesh back with decent back support and adjustable lumbar. I think this is the strength of both chairs.
  3. The seat of the Ergochair is breathable while that of the Myo can get really hot. So only use it in air-conditioned rooms. 
  4. The Ergochair is really squeaky and noisy. I haven’t encountered that problem with the Myo chair.
  5. Myo has a thicker padded seat than Ergochair but both chairs have a too firm seat. 
  6. The Myo has a wider seat depth. But you can adjust the seat angle or depth of the Ergochair 2.
  7. The Ergochair has more adjustable features than the Myo chair.
  8. Both chairs have a tilt tension and recline. The tension is quite firm and there’s no way to adjust it.
  9. The recline function of the Myo is better than that of the Ergochair 2. And you can lock the recline in three positions. 
  10. Both chairs are for light-duty use only. Though the Ergochair has a higher weight capacity, it’s still not the most durable. And it’s squeaky. So The heavier you are, the noisier it can get. 
  11. You can find it comfortable if you have an average height and weight. Especially for the Myo chair, the adjustment options are very narrow. It won’t be able to go high enough. 
  12.  Customer service is still bad.

Final words

So can it still be of value to you? If we are to compare the good points vs the bad vs the price, yes they can still be. The Ergochair, despite its questionable build, has a lot of adjustable features and decent back support. The same goes for the Myo chair. It may have less adjustable features than the Ergochair 2. But you can’t argue with a price that costs much lower than the Ergochair 2. 

Both chairs are for those who are short on budget but really need an ergonomic chair. Just make sure that you have average height and weight. If you need more adjustable features and more seat height options, the Ergochair 2 is a better fit. But if you fit into the Myo and want the convenience to recline with your legs stretched out, the Myo chair may be a better pick from the two.