February 3, 2016 AELC Meeting Synopsis

February 3, 2016 AELC Meeting Synopsis


Governor’s rule to relax retainage rules and require issuing waivers for Small, Woman Owned and Minority Owned businesses. AELC is concerned about the lack of a rule making process for this proposed change. SB6180, which addresses diversity requirements for transportation projects, passed out of Senate subcommittee. AELC’s position on HB2822 is L+.

AELC decided with HB2933, regarding Small Works Rosters, to follow WCIC’s position.

AELC member SEAW is taking lead on Design immunity for Designer Services Volunteer bill; there are concerns with the draft language.

HB2013, regarding Transportation Project and Environmental Standards; AELC position is Monitor.

HB2527, regarding Onsite sewage systems; AELC position is Monitor.

HB2586, regarding School siting; AELC position is Monitor.

HB2857, regarding Sustainable Wood Materials; AELC position is Neutral.

HB2672, HB2841 and SB6525, regarding State Building Codes; AELC position is Neutral.

HB2844, HB2845 and HB2846, regarding Changes to Responsible Bidder Criteria; AELC position is –M.

SHB1354, regarding Punitive Damages and Attorneys’ fees for Anti-retaliation; AELC position is –L.

HB2736, regarding Governor’s Appointments; AELC will Monitor.

HB2932, regarding Non-compete Agreements; AELC does not have a position.

Meeting Minutes available here AELC Minutes 2-03-16.

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