February 10, 2016 AELC Meeting Synopsis

February 10, 2016 AELC Meeting Synopsis


We are half-way through the legislative session and Feb 9th was a last day for bills to pass out of the Committee of Origin. AELC is lobbying for K12 and other public works projects.

SB6180, which addresses diversity requirements for transportation projects, passed the Senate.

HB2931, regarding non-compete agreements, will be monitored by AELC; the legislature may define non-compete.

SB6617, regarding existing special contracting procedures for large projects at UW, passed the Ways and Means committee.

AELC member SEAW is taking lead on Design immunity for Volunteer Designer Services bill; there will be no bill this session but hearings are possible.
Other bills of interest to AELC which were discussed:

HB2841, regarding State Building Codes; AELC’s position is +L

HB2857, regarding Sustainable Materials;

HB6482, regarding Mechanic/Materialmen’s Liens;

HB2933, regarding Small Works Rosters;

HB2803, HB2844, HB2845 and HB2846, regarding changes to Responsible bidder criteria, Prevailing Wage, and Apprenticeship Utilization; AELC’s position is –M.

HB2508 and SB6226, regarding International Plumbing Code, ALEC’s position is +L.

Meeting Minutes available here AELC Minutes 2-10-16.

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